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ProCure Proton Therapy Centre
Somerset, New Jersey/Metro New York, USA
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Brian H. Chon MD
Medical Director
John C. Baumann MD
Oren Cahlon MD
Douglas A. Fein MD
Henry K. Tsai MD
Edward M. Soffen MD
Neesha A. Rodrigues MD
Andrew S:Greenberg MD
Todd W.Flannery MD
Robert M. Cardinale MD
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ProCure proton therapy centres
Pictures of proton therapy equipment and interior facilites are from other ProCure proton therapy centres.
ProCure New Jersey Proton Therapy Center will serve the New York metropolitan area and international patients can also apply through MHL's online enquiry service.
ProCure is committed to ensure that as many cancer patients as possible receive the benefits of proton therapy. At the ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, New Jersey/Metro New York, patients will receive exceptional and personalised care with the most advanced proton therapy technology available.
Proton therapy facilities
ProCure New Jersey Proton Therapy Center will have four treatment rooms: two inclined-beam rooms (exclusive to ProCure proton-therapy centres), a fixed beam room and a 360 gantry room.
Real-time imaging technology in treatment rooms optimises treatment precision and a robotic patient-positioning system adjusts automatically for position and immobilisation.
Electronic record system for physicians and the Care Team and medical liaison services to facilitate the management and scheduling of ancillary medical care.
ProCure joins with Princeton Radiation Oncology and CentraState Healthcare System
Since ProCure are committed to ensure that patients also receive seamless care beyond proton therapy, Princeton Radiation Oncology and CentraState Healthcare System have joined them to develop this new centre.
Patient services
Patient and family support services include:
Assistance with insurance coverage and financial management.
Patient and family support groups.
A knowledge centre and library with resources for patients and loved ones.
A playroom for children.
Concierge to assist patients with personal needs, such as finding housing and restaurants, pointing out local attractions and connecting with other patients
Costs and insurance coverage
ProCure has financial counselors to help guide you through the financial process. Proton therapy is covered by many private US insurance plans, Medicare and many state Medicaid programs.
ProCure is currently establishing relationships with US insurers to ease the financial process for patients.
The cost of proton therapy varies according to the diagnosis and the extent of treatment needed.
ProCure Chicago inclined beam room
ProCure New Jersey Proton Therapy Center
Brian Chon
Todd Flannery MD
John Baumann MD
Andrew Greenberg MD
Oren Cahlon MD
Neesha  Rodrigues MD
Robert Cardinale MD
Edward Soffen MD
Douglas Fein MD
Henry Tsai MD
Princeton Radiation Oncology and CentraState Healthcare System
Make a treatment enquiry
Upload scans or reports and provide your telephone number and full international code if you would like ProCure to call you.
Please complete the ProCure Enquiry form.
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International patients will need to consult their insurers, however awareness of proton therapy is gaining ground, as more centres are planned around the world.
With any new treatment which is not yet available in your country, you may find that insurers are slow to include it in their standard coverage.
You should be prepared to discuss this with them and explain the benefits in your case.
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ProCure Proton Therapy Center, New Jersey
ProCure Proton Therapy Center, New Jersey
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